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Your Dream is Our Challenge

Systhema Global Foodservice Consultants is one of Israel's leading foodservice consulting firms providing the widest array of services to foodservice businesses, from concept planning and design up to running of facilities.

Systhema believes in accompanying the client closely as the best way to maximizing success. Systhema dedicates its services to functional improvement, efficiency and saving while ensuring the experience and state of the art service to the end customer.

Systhema is owned by two of the senior foodservice consultants in Israel.

 user YARON TALMI   |   CEO

Chief executive for more than 20 years in a variety of companies, expert in leading organizational change and turnaround processes, certified coach and certified mediator, vast experience in entrepreneurship and business development, industry and management engineer (BSC), MA in IP Law.

 user ORI LIEF   |   CTO

A certified Senior kitchen functional designer, FCSI professional, with more than 20 years of experience in designing hundreds of projects in Israel as well as worldwide. Formerly the manager of the high-tech, health and institutional division at Nachshon Kitchen design.

  user BITYA SHALEV   |   Tender Division Manager

Conceptress, artist and designer, BA in psychology, specializing in customer behavior, certified personal coach, experienced overseas marketing consultant, expertise in branding and multi-cultural business strategy. Organizational team and personal trainer.

upload Turnkey Projects

Systhema caries turnkey projects whether in building new facilities or in upgrading existing ones. The company specializes in tying all threads up to a satisfying completion to all parties involved.

comments Collaboration

Systhema works in close collaboration with Israeli and International first row consulting professionals in every field concerning the foodservice industry in order to provide the widest cover for all foodservice issues according to the client's needs, including culinary, food safety, licensing, standardization, health, novelty etc.

accept Knowledge Center

Systhema sees itself as a center for educating the market about critical issues such as sustainability, safety, productivity and efficiency as well as generally in every issue concerning the food and hospitality markets. The company's leaders believe that the healthy way will pay off in the long run thus devote the necessary means to allocate and spread all relevant information as integral part of the company's services.

search Clientele

Systhema supports all business sizes from small restaurants to mega-systems and from ad-hock consultancy to turn-key projects. The company caters to all markets i.e. hospitals, catering companies, high-tech, restaurants, hotels, institutions, army, elderly homes and food producers.